Looking for a home is an exciting process. Every place you enter is full of possibilities, but that doesn’t mean you have to make a lot of changes yourself. Finding a place that has upgrades for home values can save you a lot of money once you finalize the sale.


The kitchen is the heart of the home. There are many upgrades that sellers use to make the kitchen more inviting:

  • New cabinets
  • Recessed lighting
  • Extra storage
  • New flooring or backsplash

When you walk into the kitchen of a home you’re considering, pay attention to these details. If the current owners take good care of the kitchen, chances are the rest of the house is in top shape as well.


Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house, but they can tell you a lot about the home you’re buying. Common pre-sale upgrades include new fixtures and hardware as well as new tile or flooring. You may also find homes that have safety features such as handrails or non-slip texturing in the tub installed.


There are many things that sellers do to make the interior of their homes more appealing to you when you come to view them. They may give the walls or garage a new coat of paint and install beautiful new flooring. New light fixtures, wall sockets and smart features are thoughtful additions. Finally, make sure everything around the house is in good condition or ask if they would be willing to complete unfinished repairs before you buy.


Great curb appeal is an undeniable draw. Pay attention to the things the current homeowner has done to make the house look great on the outside. Is the paint on the house fresh? Does the door look secure? Is the yard maintained well and the landscaping organized? These things may seem like minor details compared to what’s on the inside, but if the current owners have taken the time to make the exterior look nice, you will have less work to do to keep it looking beautiful once you’ve bought the house.

Upgrades are typically the concern of sellers, but buyers should be on the lookout for them as well. The more upgrades that have been done to the home before you buy, the fewer you will need to do after the sale.