First of all, congratulations on narrowing down your search for the ideal home. If you’re asking about move-in expenses, you’re probably close to signing a purchasing agreement, so it’s natural to be excited. One of the best first time home buying tips is to set aside some wiggle room in your budget.

Move-in costs vary a lot by area, and they also depend enormously on your personality, so it’s hard to provide a specific number. It can help to look at this list and put a check next to any things you’re planning to include:

  • New furniture
  • New appliances
  • Remodeling projects
  • Painting costs
  • New décor, rugs or light fixtures

Customizing a new property is a great idea. Just make sure to include the costs in your total budget to make sure you can afford the changes. Know that it’s usually easier to perform certain renovations—such as knocking down walls or installing new flooring— before moving in. Also, don’t forget to calculate moving expenses, too.